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Facebook creates new feature to announce weddings and engagements on homepage

Facebook today announced the launch of a new weddings and celebrations feature to make it easier for users to see important events in their friends’ lives and share their congratulations. When someone changes their Facebook status to engaged or married, … Continue reading

Facebook adds filters to mobile page walls

Users can now toggle between page posts and fan posts when visiting page walls on mobile devices. This has long been a feature on the web, but mobile displays showed all wall posts in a single stream. The change allows … Continue reading

TL;DR: Facebook Increases Status Update Character Limit From 5K to 60K+

Facebook said today that it has increased the maximum character count in status updates to over 60,000. This is 12 times the original character count of 5,000. The change was originally spotted by All Facebook on a post on the … Continue reading

Facebook Reveals Most Shared Articles in 2011

Facebook has posted a Most Shared Articles on Facebook in 2011 Page that links more often to parenting-related topics, human interest pieces and odd trivia stories than it does to the major news stories of the year. The story type … Continue reading

Featured Facebook Campaigns: Pretzel Crisps, Farmers Insurance, Zynga, 7-Eleven and JVC

Some companies tried new methods, and others relied on tried and true ones in their campaigns on Facebook over the last week. Pretzel Crisps engaged customers over their new product flavors, also giving away copious amounts of it for free, and 7-11 gave away free coffee this week. Farmers Insurance teamed up with Zynga to [...]

ZipShare Allows for Sharing of 100MB Worth of Files to Your Facebook Wall, Groups

ZipShare is an application from WinZip that quickly and easily allows users to share up  to 100 megabytes worth of data on Facebook, either to their groups or on their Wall. The app brings you through Facebook Connect, asks you to upload your files and where you want to post  them (group or Wall). The [...]

How to Use the Facebook Timeline: A Complete Walk-Through of the Redesigned Profile

Timeline, the redesigned version of the profile that Facebook launched yesterday at f8, gives users much more flexibility in how they present themselves. Users can customize their banner image, make certain types of content more prominent, and decide what moments of their life they want to feature. Everything users have ever posted to Facebook is [...]

Facebook Allows Users to Comment on Pages Without Liking Them, Adds Friend Activity Tab to Pages

Facebook has made two significant changes to how users interact with Pages. Now, users don’t need to have Liked a Page to be able to post on a Page’s wall or comment on its updates. This allows more users to join conversations, which could add more perspectives to discussions but also dilute them with unrelated [...]

“Titanic,” Rihanna, Real Madrid, YouTube and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Film and musician Pages practically ruled our list of the top 20 growing Facebook Pages by the number of Likes. Although there did appear to be some Page consolidation coloring the numbers this week — some unknown musicians’ Pages and older films’ Page grew by millions of Likes — many among our list regulars continued [...]

Facebook Adds 14 Day Restoration Window to the Page Deletion Process

If an administrator selects to delete one of their Facebook Pages, it will now remain visible to the public for a 14 day restoration period in which the admin can cancel the deletion before it becomes permanent. Admins can also opt to “unpublish” their Page if they want it immediately removed from public view. Previously, [...]