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Facebook policy now clearly bans exporting user data to competing social networks

Facebook updated its policy on Wednesday to make it clear that developers can not use the platform to export user data from Facebook to be used in another social network. The company has long had policies that prohibit apps from transferring … Continue reading

Facebook hires: head of policy, analysts, client partners, engineers, more

Facebook appears to have hired a head of policy, France, and about two dozen other employees according to listings removed from its careers page, as well as LinkedIn updates. New hires, according to LinkedIn: Aravind Anbudurai, Software Engineer - former Software Development Engineer, … Continue reading

Facebook updates payments terms to reflect addition of subscriptions, Credits phase out and more

Facebook has updated its payment terms for both users and developers following Tuesday’s announcement that it would support monthly subscription billing for apps and games on its platform and phase out Credits in favor of a user’s local currency. Note … Continue reading

Facebook adopts new terms of service and data use policy following low voter turnout

Facebook adopted a new Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities on Friday after a user vote failed to generate enough response to be considered binding, according to a note on the Facebook Site Governance page. In its … Continue reading

Facebook may allow children under 13 on its social network: could it solve age verification on the Internet?

There’s certain to be a lot of scrutiny and backlash over any implementation of Facebook accounts for children under 13, which the social network is reportedly exploring. But if the company can find an appropriate balance of features and parental controls, … Continue reading

Facebook puts proposed policy changes up to a vote following activist campaign

Facebook has made proposed revisions to its Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities open to a user vote between now and June 8. The vote is the second of its kind since Facebook decided in 2009 to … Continue reading

Facebook proposes changes to Data Use Policy, updates disclosure on potential for off-platform ads

Facebook proposed a number of changes to its Data Use Policy on Friday, including an updated disclosure about the potential for Facebook data to be used to serve ads on other sites. The social network also added a number of … Continue reading

Facebook lowers barriers for developers, users to switch to Open Graph apps

A new Facebook change will make it easier for developers to migrate their existing apps to Open Graph without requesting additional permissions from users. This will happen through the merging of the publish_actions and publish_stream permissions, according to a post … Continue reading

Facebook modifies proposed changes to terms of service, provides explanations in response to user feedback

Facebook today released a new set of proposed changes to its terms of service and offered more detailed explanation of its revisions based on user feedback. Since 2009, the social network has taken a unique approach with its “Statements of Rights … Continue reading

Facebook platform update: European incentive program, policy, training course, more

Facebook announced a number of changes and initiatives this week, including a program to reward developers who drive sales using Credits among European users. European incentive program begins – Facebook will give developers who drive more than US$100,000 in sales to … Continue reading