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HTC Reaffirms Android 4.0 Updates Are Coming This Month

htc-logoHTC smartphone owners, take note. Your Ice Cream Sandwich update is coming this month says HTC on its Facebook page. The company previously released a laundry list detailing the ICS roll-out schedule but failed to meet many of its own target dates. But HTC is now stating all the devices on that list will get Android 4.0 by the end of this month.

If HTC follows through with this plan, Android 4.0 should hit devices like the Droid Incredible 2, Thunderbolt, Rhyme and Desire S. This is especially good news for the latter two, which HTC previously stated would have ICS by the end of July.

iPhone 5 Battery Images Leak: Only Slighter Larger Than iPhone 4S Battery, Despite Expected LTE

Screen shot 2012-08-10 at 9.38.59 AMIn the blogosphere’s continuing quest to assemble a virtual iPhone 5 before Apple unveils a real one in September, 9to5Mac has published images of what appears to be the next iPhone’s battery. Juicy stuff!

As expected, the battery is a bit larger than the last iPhone, but not by much. It jumps from 1430mAh in the iPhone 4S (up from 1420mAh in the iPhone 4) to a 1440 mAh battery. With the expected inclusion of LTE, plus Apple’s turn-by-turn mapping (which is a huge battery drain, at least in iOS 6 beta), we must simply hope that Apple’s dual-core SoC will use this relatively limited power source efficiently.

The Kicking Of RIM’s Tires Continues, As IBM Reportedly Considers Its Enterprise Unit

IBM-BlackberryThe fear and loathing of RIM has been well-documented by this point. At the end of June, the company released its Q1 2013 earnings, which were more than a little disappointing, with RIM reporting its first operating loss in eight years, that it would be cutting 5K+ employees and that the release of its new BlackBerry was again being delayed — this time until the beginning of 2013.

The acquisition rumors had already been swirling around the BlackBerry maker, and since then, they’ve intensified, with some big names kicking the company’s tires. This morning, Chris wrote about Samsung’s confirmation that (again) it was neither considering a buy-out nor a licensing agreement, even though it’s been reported numerous times that it, in fact, it’s been considering both. And, today, Bloomberg has reported that IBM has “made an informal approach” to acquire RIM’s enterprise services unit, which is really at the core of BlackBerry’s business.

Y Combinator-Backed Noodle Labs Launches Everyday.me, An “Evernote For Your Life”

screenshot_1Noodle Labs, the mobile development startup that’s part of Y Combinator’s summer batch, launches today with its newest product: An iPhone and web app called Everyday.me. Co-founders Yu-Kuan Lin (a former Googler who worked on Maps, specifically for China), Weiting Liu (already a YC alum) and Yu-Te Lin (a former engineering lead at Wyse) describe their new app as “Evernote for your life.”

In other words, Everyday.me is a mobile and web-based notebook, with bells and whistles, which allows you to record your life and save those updates indefinitely. It’s a bit like Facebook Timeline were it plugged into all of your social networks and were it tailored to be a personal journal in one timeline.

Back To School: 5 Apps That Will Make You Fall (Even More) In Love With Your Phone

backtoschool12c411You’re heading off to college. You have no idea that the next four years of fun will fly by, likely leaving you jobless and in debt. You’re unconcerned with nonsense like that — you’re ready to achieve your dreams! You’re ready to party! You’re ready to meet your mate in life!

But before you pack up the family van full of clothes, collapsible IKEA furniture and school supplies, there’s one thing you can’t forget to pack: your trusty smartphone. It’s the one thing that no college student — not a drama geek nor homecoming queen, not a stoner nor a virgin — can live without.

And as we all know, apps are the life blood of a smartphone (aside from electricity). All that said, these are the ones you’ll come to know, love, and use every day as your pursue your dreams of higher education.

Chinese Manufacturers, Carriers And Developers Form An Alliance To Block Apple’s Siri In China

sirichinaChinese companies don’t view Siri in a favorable light, hence the creation of the Speech Industry Alliance of China (SIAC). They are willing to offer an alternative that is supposed to work better with Mandarin and Cantonese. In fact, iOS 6 will include a new version of Siri that understands and speaks Mandarin and Cantonese. It is a threat for Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, carriers and speech recognition software developers and it needs to be addressed.

One of the key points behind that new strategy is that developing speech recognition for multi-tone oriental languages is very hard. Apparently, according to early tests of Mandarin and Cantonese support in iOS 6 beta, it is still lacking and the alliance hopes to take advantage of that.

Facebook looks to drive app installs with ‘send to mobile’ button in News Feed

Facebook is testing a “send to mobile” button in the hover card that appears when users mouse over app stories in News Feed. The feature, which initially launched as part of App Center, helps users discover mobile apps while browsing … Continue reading

Google Translate For Android Gets Pumped Up With Picture Translations

cameratranslateAs is their wont, the folks at Google pushed out a nifty new update for its Translate for Android app earlier today, and it packs a handful of new goodies for the lexically inquisitive to play with.

The feature that’s gotten the most love is the app’s new camera support (seen above). Curious users can snap photos of foreign text from directly within Google Translate, and furiously swipe their fingers over the specific tidbits to be translated.

Using The iPhone’s Front-Facing Camera, Cardiio Measures Your Heartrate

cardiioIt’s still relatively early in mobile health, although there are glucose monitors that can be tacked onto iPhones, heart rate and sleep monitoring apps and of course, plenty of exercise and diet-tracking products.

Now that many basic product concepts have been laid out, it’s time for iteration. Enter Cardiio, a startup and graduate of the Rock Health incubator. Founded by a team of Ph.Ds out of MIT’s Media Lab, the company has built a $4.99 heart rate monitoring app that doesn’t require you to touch the iPhone’s camera. It actually doesn’t require any contact aside from holding the phone so that the front-facing camera captures your face. From that, Cardiio’s sensors can pick up minute changes in the color of your face that indicate heart rate.

Fanboys, Grab Your Credit Cards: Original Factory-Sealed iPhone Goes Up On eBay For $10,000

originaliphoneebay2Apparently $10,000 is the going rate for a mint condition first-gen iPhone. At least, that’s according to two sellers on eBay, who have recently listed the historic device on the bidding site.

I would usually say that most electronics shouldn’t be seen as collectors items, as they only lose value over time and aren’t pivotal enough during their lifespan to warrant a resurgence in value. Yet, the original iPhone is a different story.

This is a device that changed the course of the future. The App Store itself, though not present on the original iPhone, has changed the entire tech industry. Plus, the first iPhone was the very first time we had a usable version of the internet in our pockets. So yeah, the original iPhone is a big deal.