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Steps To Starting A Game Development agency

I will help you explore how to start your own game development company. Having been a life long entrepreneur, I’m not too excited about a 9-5 job (or 9-10PM more realistically), kissing corporate ass or dealing with the internal politics of large companies. Working in a large “game factory” has perks such as seemingly large [...]

The Mobile Application Development Company – Carnegie Mellon University – CMU

The Mobile Application Development Company by Steve Dash from Carnegie Mellon University – CMU Check Now

Facebook rebuilds iPhone app for speed: what’s new, better and still needs work

Facebook today released a much-anticipated update for iPhone that makes loading News Feed, photos, messages and notifications significantly faster. Previously, Facebook built its mobile apps with HTML5, which allowed it to release daily updates without requiring users to download a … Continue reading

Facebook for Android update includes event creation, multi-photo upload and more

Facebook released an update for Android today that includes event creation, multi-photo upload and new features for messages. Android users now have a streamlined way to create new events. Previously, Facebook’s native apps did not have this functionality. The mobile … Continue reading

Facebook tests larger visual format for Questions

Facebook appears to be testing a new format for its Questions product, which includes large photos that users can click on to respond. We saw the social network testing this on its own “Known Issues on Facebook” and “Facebook Tips” … Continue reading

DMD Panorama Opens API To Power Panoramic Photos In Any App

dmd panoramaIt’s a strange thing to hear from the co-founder and CEO of a photo startup, but DMD Panorama‘s Elie-Gregoire Khoury tells me that panoramic photos will become “a commodity at the end of the day.” That doesn’t mean it’s time to get out of the photo business — instead, Khoury wants to see panoramas become a standard feature in a wide range of websites and apps, the way that regular photos are now.

And if Khoury has his way, that will all happen through DMD’s new API.

Twilio Says It Is The Fastest Growing Short Code Provider In The U.S.

shortcodes_markA little over a year ago, cloud communications company Twilio launched Short Codes, dedicated 5 or 6 digit numbers for sending and receiving text messages at volume. Since then, Twilio has become the fastest-growing short code provider and has found surprisingly differing uses for its product.

“People have started using our Short Code product in ways we didn’t ever expect,” Patrick Malatack, the product manager in charge of Short Codes, tells me.

RIM: Layoffs Are Ongoing, Will Not Affect BB10

sadberryRIM is about to layoff more employees in an ongoing effort to cut $1 billion by 2013. According to one report, as many as 3,000 RIM staffers could get the boot as soon as next week. However, RIM has not confirmed this as of yet.

RIM’s Global Corporate Communications Manager spoke to TechCrunch this afternoon and confirmed there are more layoffs on the horizon. She went on to explain that the company is “moving quickly for the impacted employees.” As RIM communicated earlier, the company plans to eliminate 5,000 positions within the current financial quarter. While RIM hasn’t pointed out affected departments and regions, it seems those working on BlackBerry 10 are safe — well, at least for now.

The “Leaks” Keep Coming: New Images Reportedly Show New iPhone’s Tiny Dock Connector

newdockconnectorIf rumors hold true, Apple should be gearing up to unveil its latest iGadgets in just a few weeks, and it’s no surprise that all sorts of questionable leaks are now worming their way into daylight.

The latest of those purported leaks comes in the form of images obtained by the French site Nowherelse.fr that reportedly depict Apple’s tiny new dock connector next to a USB plug. Got your grains of salt ready?

Good, let’s go.

As The Trial Rages On, Court Filing Sheds New Light On Apple And Samsung Device Sales

apple-salesThere’s been no shortage of tantalizing details coming out of Apple and Samsung’s big legal spat in San Jose, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Case in point: Samsung’s legal team filed a document (first spotted by AllThingsD) the other day that shed some new light on the two companies’ smartphone and tablet sales over the years. The data was put together by the Invotex Group (who also whipped up this handy PDF chart outlining what Apple thinks it deserves in damages), and it appears they’ve left no stone unturned.