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StatCounter: Google Chrome Pushes Past Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (Again)

browser-statsWell, it’s official. Or at least it’s official if you believe in StatCounter’s data. Google’s Chrome web browser has overtaken Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. For real this time. Maybe. The stat-counting firm compiled data for the week of May 14th through May 20th, showing that Chrome had a market share of 32.76%, compared with IE’s 31.94%. This isn’t the first time that Chrome has gotten ahead, however. And the race itself is close – perhaps too close to call.

The Kindle Fire is gaining market share but the iPad remains the king

Some interesting news has been released today regarding the recent success of the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s flagship tablet device. According to iSuppli, Amazon managed to grab a 14% share of the tablet market in the last financial quarter, while Apple’s market share dropped from 64% in Q3 to 57% in Q4. Apple released the iPad [...]