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Facebook careers: Indonesia growth manager, Open Graph partner engineer, media solutions, PMD managers, more

Facebook has added 14 new positions to its careers page this week, including a number of international-focused media solutions and Preferred Marketing Developer partner manager positions. The company is also looking for a partner engineer to work with gaming companies … Continue reading

Bot problem? Facebook estimates 8.7% of users are duplicate, miscategorized or spam accounts

Facebook says 8.7 percent of its monthly active user total might violate terms of service and be either duplicate, miscategorized or “undesirable” accounts meant for spamming, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In its quarterly report, … Continue reading

Where are Facebook’s mobile-only users coming from? Probably not iPhones

Facebook revealed that 102 million users accessed Facebook solely through mobile devices in June, according to a document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, the 23 percent increase since March doesn’t necessarily mean that users are ditching desktop … Continue reading

Facebook average revenue per user was $1.28 in Q2, but still below Q4 2011 average

Facebook’s earned an average $1.28 revenue per user in the second quarter of 2012, a nearly 6 percent increase over last quarter, but not even a 2 percent gain year over year. The company’s highest ARPU was in Q4 2011 … Continue reading

Breakdown of Facebook user growth by quarter and geography

Facebook announced new growth achievements today: 955 million monthly active users as of June 30, and an average of 552 million daily active users in June. Mobile MAUs were 543 million as of June 30, an increase of 67 percent year-over-year. Here are … Continue reading

Facebook generates $1.21 per user on average worldwide in Q1

Facebook made an average $1.21 per user between Jan.1 and March 31 — a 6 percent increase from the first quarter of 2011– according to an updated filing with the Securities and Exchange commission. The social network today reported revenues … Continue reading

Facebook becomes No. 1 most visited site in Brazil, according to Experian Hitwise

For the first time, Facebook is getting more visits in Brazil than Google and all other sites on the Internet, according to data from Experian Hitwise. Facebook initially surpassed Google Brazil on April 1, and has had the lead four … Continue reading

Users spent more than 10.5B total minutes per day on Facebook in January, not including mobile use

Facebook users spent more than 10.5 billion total minutes per day on the site from personal computers in January, according to an updated S-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. With 845 million monthly active users, that’s an average … Continue reading

Facebook reaches 10M in Japan, doubles users in 6 months

Facebook is 10 million monthly active users strong in Japan, the company announced today at a marketing conference in Tokyo. This figure indicates Facebook has about 10 percent penetration among Japanese Internet users and is quickly gaining on Mixi, Japan’s … Continue reading

Facebook estimates 5 or 6 percent of total users are fake accounts

Facebook says 5 to 6 percent of its 845 million monthly active users could be false or duplicate accounts, according to a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This means the company estimates between 42 and 50 million … Continue reading