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Facebook groups will soon show members who has seen each post and when

Facebook groups will now show users which members have seen each post, the social network announced today. Below each post within a group will be a check mark followed by the number of people who have seen the post. Hovering … Continue reading

Facebook to give all groups file-sharing capabilities

Facebook is expanding its group file sharing features to give all groups the ability share files between members, we’ve confirmed with a spokesperson. Last month, the social network gave school-specific groups this functionality but it did not share that it … Continue reading

Facebook to bring back option to invite all group members to events

Users will once again be able to send event invites to all members of a group, a Facebook spokesperson tells us. Sometime in the past few weeks, the social network removed the option to directly invite an entire group to … Continue reading

Facebook unveils school-specific groups, allows file sharing among users with designated .edu email addresses

Facebook announced a new groups for schools feature that enables users with active school email addresses join online communities related to their college or university. Groups for schools differ from Facebook’s other groups in that they can be exclusive to … Continue reading

Facebook makes search, about section less noticeable in latest redesign of groups

Facebook rolled out an update to group pages that implements tabs underneath the cover photo and makes the about section and search option harder to find. When the social network redesigned groups last month to include a cover photo, the … Continue reading

Cover photos roll out to more groups

Many Facebook groups got an update Wednesday night that displays members’ profile pictures in the header and allows admins to add a cover photo like they can on Timeline. When we first saw this feature three weeks ago, the top … Continue reading

Facebook groups get Timeline-like cover photos

Some Facebook groups now have cover photos, making them more consistent with the new Timeline design. The default image is a collage of the group members’ profile photos, which link to individual profiles. The image is slightly transparent, but colors … Continue reading

University-Only Groups Seek to Bring Back Facebook Exclusivity

Facebook is testing a form of its groups product that restricts access to users with a designated .edu email address, reminiscent of the way networks operated when Facebook began in 2004. Students are being prompted to create groups for different … Continue reading

Facebook Condenses the Groups Interface, Leaving More Space for Ads

Facebook has changed the interface of its Groups product, relocating several navigation buttons from the center of the right sidebar to the top of each Group page. The subtle redesign frees up space in the sidebar to show more ads … Continue reading

ZipShare Allows for Sharing of 100MB Worth of Files to Your Facebook Wall, Groups

ZipShare is an application from WinZip that quickly and easily allows users to share up  to 100 megabytes worth of data on Facebook, either to their groups or on their Wall. The app brings you through Facebook Connect, asks you to upload your files and where you want to post  them (group or Wall). The [...]