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Facebook roundup: Opera, Dubai, friend lists, Pinterest, more

Facebook to buy Opera browser? – Facebook is reportedly interested in purchasing Opera Software, which operates a desktop and mobile browser. Pocket-lint.com and The Next Web have sources saying Opera is talking to potential buyers and Facebook could be among … Continue reading

Facebook tries new prompts to encourage users to organize friends into lists

Facebook now displays sidebar modules that encourage users to add friends to a “close friends” list and prompts users to add to their “acquaintances” list after they mark News Feed items as spam. These two new features suggest that Facebook … Continue reading

Facebook tool helps users divide friends from acquaintances, clean out News Feed

Facebook introduced a new tool for users to add friends to an “acquaintances” list so these people appear less frequently in a user’s feed. The social network is promoting the tool as a way to “see posts that matter to … Continue reading

Facebook introduces interests lists to organize News Feed by topics

Facebook today announced that users will be able to group pages and public figures into “interest lists” so that they can filter their News Feed by topic. We spotted this feature last week and suggested it would be another challenge … Continue reading

Platform update: infinite scrolling, stream filters, user support, more

Facebook’s latest platform update includes infinite scrolling for the apps and games dashboard and API support for News Feed filters. The company also announced it will require all apps to include a an email address for user support starting April … Continue reading

Facebook: A Year in Review

Facebook’s “Move fast and break things” mantra was put into action again this year as the company overhauled a number of its products, introduced many new features and eliminated old functionality. Here is a month-by-month review of changes that most … Continue reading

Facebook Officially Launches Smart Lists, and Special Friend Lists That Influence the News Feed

Facebook today officially launches several improvements to its Friend Lists feature that can be used to define privacy settings and filter the news feed, including some changes that leaked last week. As we covered in depth then, users now have automatically created, populated and updated Smart Lists of their family, co-workers, classmates, and local friends. [...]

Facebook Smart Lists Automatically Group Friends With Shared Characteristics for Use With Privacy Settings

Facebook is currently testing a new feature called Smart Lists that automatically groups friends with common characteristics into Friend Lists that dynamically update themselves over time. Previously, Friend Lists had to be manually assembled and updated — a chore that contributed to them being used by only 5% of the user base. First spotted by [...]

Facebook Roundup: Ph.D. Fellows, Menlo Park, Deals, Credits, f8, Valuation, Engineering, Friendster and More

Facebook Announces Tech Heavy Set of 2011 Fellows – Facebook announced who was selected to become Ph.D. fellows this year. The Facebook Fellowship Program included people with backgrounds in psychology and economics last year; this year the five winners who receive tuition and fees for the 2011-2012 academic year, $5,000 for travel, $2,500 for a [...]

Facebook Adds “Friends Not on a List” View to the Friend Lists Editor

Some users can now select to see all of their “Friends Not on a List” as part of Facebook’s Friend Lists interface. The new addition helps users ensure that all their friends have been assigned to a list to which content can be hidden from or made visible. For instance, it allows users to see if [...]