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Facebook for Android update includes event creation, multi-photo upload and more

Facebook released an update for Android today that includes event creation, multi-photo upload and new features for messages. Android users now have a streamlined way to create new events. Previously, Facebook’s native apps did not have this functionality. The mobile … Continue reading

Eventster Adds Social Signals To Help You Find Events You’ll Like, Know Which To Avoid

eventster-ipad-socialEventster, the iOS app which aggregates events across North America and Europe, is rolling out a big update today which it hopes will further differentiate its event listings application from numerous competitors. The update uses semantic technologies to guess at the relevant keywords surrounding an event in order to integrate social media postings from Twitter, YouTube and Instagram in real-time alongside the listing.

Facebook Releases “Weddings and Celebrations” Feature, Maturing With Executives

Weddings_CelebrationsFacebook released a new “Weddings and Celebrations” feature that will display special events, starting with engagements and weddings, along with friends’ birthdays on the social network.

The feature, which begins rolling out today, is automated based off the changing of a relationship status to “engaged” or “married.” Appearing above birthdays on the homepage, users can click on the update and congratulate either member of the couple, as well as add one of the members as a friend, without leaving the page.

Yesterday, Facebook redesigned its events page, adding list and calendar views. However, a Facebook spokesperson tells us that “Weddings and Celebrations” will not be added to the list or calendar views. It will only appear on the homepage.

Facebook puts events in calendar view for easier browsing and planning, but improvements still needed

Facebook has redesigned its events dashboard to include new calendar and list views that help users see upcoming events and friends’ birthdays more efficiently than before. Previously, Facebook presented events in a single list that didn’t allow users to easily … Continue reading

After Seed Labs, Cvent Snags CrowdCompass For $10M To Double Down On Mobile Event Apps

Screen shot 2012-06-19 at 4.34.57 AMIt’s been an active seven days for Cvent, one of the largest event management companies in the world you’ve never heard of. The company, which offers web-based software for online event registration, management and more, has been on a mission to go beyond B2B services. Since raising $136 million last year, Cvent has re-focused on more consumer-facing event solutions, especially on mobile. As part of this new direction, Cvent made its first-ever acquisition last week, scooping up Austin-based event app developer Seed Labs for $4.2 million.

Given its new consumer aspirations, venture backing and strong recent growth, we said last week that “it wouldn’t be surprising to see Cvent continue making strategic acquisitions” in the near future. Although we are soothsayers, we didn’t expect it to be so soon.

Woofound’s Social Events App Matches People To Places Based On Personality

sliderWoofound, a Maryland-based startup aiming to match your personality to things you want to do, is today launching its iOS application nationwide. The app turns rating activities, places and restaurants into a simple, visual game in order to serve up highly personalized recommendations. You rate things by tapping or clicking “Me” or “Not Me” on the items suggested – it feels something like a “Hot or Not” for your interests, in fact.

In addition to today’s launch, the company is also announcing it has now raised over $1 million in funding, from private investors and angel sources.

Introducing Our 2012 Disrupt NYC Hackathon Winners: Thingscription, PoachBase, And Practikhan!

scaled-8549After nearly 24 hours of fighting fatigue and crafting code, our Disrupt NY 2012 Hackathon is finally drawing to a close. Not a moment too soon — I think some of our hackers are about ready to keel over at this point.

Nevertheless, we just got an eyeful of 92 projects that our wonderful hackers have been slaving away on through the night, but only three teams will be able to show off their work on the main Disrupt stage this Wednesday.

Morning, Hackers! The 24-Hour Disrupt NYC Hackathon: Coding Ends, Judging Starts Soon

hackathon3-13It’s been a long, caffeine-fueled ride for the hundreds of hackers who have set up at our big Disrupt NY 2012 Hackathon, but the furious process of taking a wild idea and turning it into something real is finally winding down.

Projects were being finalized, UIs were being tweaked, last minute Red Bulls were being downed — it was a quite a sight to see everyone buckling down for those final few minutes before submissions were due.

Third Pivot’s The Charm? Events Site Ravn Becomes Flash Sales Site Touch Of Modern

ravn_events_2No one ever called a limit on the number pivots a company can do, right? So here’s the latest at a company we’ve been watching for a while now. RAVN, an event planning and sharing app that itself was the product of a pivot from the developers behind “experiences marketplace” Skyara, has sent a letter out to its users telling them that the app is getting shut down at the end of this month. In RAVN’s place, the founders are starting up yet another business — their third — also loosely based around events but with a decidedly more commercial bent: a design flash sales site called Touch of Modern.

“After two years of building a new marketplace for experiences, we have decided that it is time to close down RAVN. The website and mobile app will completely stop working by the end of the month,” the RAVN team wrote in the note to users.

Triptrotting Revamps Its Website, Adds Social Activities & Curated Events For Travelers

triptrotting-logoFresh on the heels of its $1 million Series ATriptrotting, a startup that aims to connect travelers with hosts, is relaunching its website with a number of changes. In addition to improved design and functionality, the website also introduces new features which aim to better connect travelers with each other as well as with their local hosts.