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Facebook allows users to download expanded archive of their information

Facebook has increased the amount of data it provides to users when they download a copy of their information from the site, according to a post on Facebook Public Policy Europe page. The “Download Your Information” feature now includes catalogues … Continue reading

How to closely monitor your iPhone’s data with ‘Data Usage Monitor’

Data Usage Monitor is a cellular data monitoring tool available for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It’s a tweak that has the ability to monitor and take specific actions once your cellular data reaches a user defined threshold. On paper it looks to be a great tweak that could save you money from data overages, [...]

Leaked screenshot suggests Verizon shared data plans are coming soon

A new plan from Verizon that will allow its customers to share a data plan between their iPhone and iPad has been rumored to launch for quite awhile. In May of 2011, Verizon’s CFO Fran Shammo hinted towards it rolling out, but offered no time frame. In January, we saw a picture of Verizon’s back-end that hinted to the [...]

Neither AT&T nor Verizon supporting 4G iPad hotspot yet [Updated]

Among the slew of new features Apple announced in its latest iPad yesterday was the personal hotspot. Just like with the iPhone, you’ll be able to use the new tablet to share an internet connection with up to 5 devices. This becomes even more appealing when you consider that the new slate is capable of [...]

AT&T responds to complaints, ups throttling limit to 3GB

AT&T has been under a lot of scrutiny lately due to its new data throttling practices. Last Fall, the carrier started significantly reducing the data speeds of its unlimited customers who were using more than 2GB a month. The move prompted multiple complaints from subscribers, and even sparked a string of small claims court lawsuits. [...]

What AT&T customers on unlimited data plans can do to fight throttling

Last year AT&T, along with several other carriers, decided to drop its unlimited data plan in favor of other options. And although it has allowed users to maintain their previously-owned unlimited plans, it isn’t exactly winning customer service points. A few months ago, the operator started throttling its subscribers after using only two gigabytes of [...]

‘DataMonitor’ tracks your cellular data usage and so much more

DataMonitor is a free tweak that puts nearly every technical facet about your device right at your fingertips. That’s not hyperbole, I’ve never seen a jailbreak app so thorough in providing technical information about an iOS device before. Best of all it’s free and available for download now…(…)Read the rest of ‘DataMonitor’ tracks your cellular [...]

Judge orders AT&T to pay $850 to customer over data throttling

When AT&T introduced its new tiered data plans in 2010, it only kept the unlimited plan for original iPhone owners who didn’t choose to join a new plan. As time passed, AT&T announced in July of 2011 that they would begin throttling unlimited users who fell under the top 5% of heaviest data users. On [...]

Confirmed: Apple planning to build large data center in Oregon

In December, we heard Apple was looking to buy 160-acres of land in Prineville, Oregon. The new mass of land was reportedly for hosting servers to power Apple’s iCloud, much like the $1 billion data center Apple owns in North Carolina. Tonight, MacRumors points us to a KTVZ article confirming Apple has purchased the land [...]

Apple building the nation’s largest end user owned solar energy farm

Last Fall, word got out that Apple was planning to build a solar energy farm to power its newly-built data center in North Carolina. The facility, which hosts a bulk of Apple’s iCloud service, went live during the Summer of last year. We knew the solar energy farm was going to be massive, but we [...]