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Facebook tests option for page owners to give users feedback about why comments were deleted

Facebook appears to be testing a new option for page owners to send users a private message about why their comments were removed from the page, according to All Facebook. Social Yeah Founder Kevin Evanetski found a “Give Facebook User Feedback” … Continue reading

YouTube And Google+ Grow Closer: All Users Can Now Switch Their Usernames To Their Google+ Profiles

youtube-full-nameYouTube’s comment section isn’t exactly known for being a hotbed of in-depth intellectual conversations. One of the reasons for this, some would argue, is the fact that YouTube still lets people post comments using handles like ‘cutepuppies99′ without having to reveal your real identity. Starting today, however, you will have the option to use your Google-wide Google+-based identity that will show your real name (or at least the name you are using on Google+) to all YouTube users.

Facebook gives permalinks to individual comments, hides potential spam

Facebook now assigns permanent links to all comments on the site and hides spam comments rather than just marking them with a darker background. The company announced the improvements in a post on its Facebook + Journalists page. With the addition … Continue reading

Facebook redesigns mobile feed to make liking, commenting easier

Facebook updated the mobile version of News Feed this weekend so users can like and comment on posts with one tap instead of two. Previously, users of Facebook’s iOS app, Android app and mobile touch site had to tap a … Continue reading

Facebook optimizes comments plugin for mobile

Facebook has updated its Comments Box plugin to improve functionality for mobile sites, the company announced today on its Facebook + Media page. People who have already added the Comments Box to their website will find that it is now … Continue reading

How Facebook Comments impact Google search rankings

This post provides a brief introduction to Google’s update; content publishers and webmasters should read on for the full, free, overview at The Facebook Marketing Bible. Google’s November 2011 changes to its web crawler have created new opportunities and liabilities … Continue reading

Facebook shows some commenters how they’re connected

Facebook is testing a way to show users how they are connected to people who comment on their friends’ posts. In a few instances, we’ve seen comments displaying descriptions like “2 mutual friends” next to a person’s name. This is … Continue reading

Facebook: A Year in Review

Facebook’s “Move fast and break things” mantra was put into action again this year as the company overhauled a number of its products, introduced many new features and eliminated old functionality. Here is a month-by-month review of changes that most … Continue reading

Facebook Adds “Related Posts” with Questions and Comments to Sponsored Stories

Facebook experimented with a new “Related Post” Sponsored Story format that leverages comments and questions over the Thanksgiving holiday to encourage more interaction between consumers and respective brands. This is an improvement on Facebook’s “Comment” Sponsored Story ad unit, which draws … Continue reading

How the Facebook Comments Plugin Can Boost Traffic, Improve Discussion Quality on Your Site

  Facebook’s Comments Plugin allows website administrators to add user commenting to any piece of content on their website. When this plugin is installed on your website or blog, visitors will be able to comment as their Facebook profile, any … Continue reading