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iOS 6 Simulator Test Lends Credence To iPhone 5 Resolution Rumors

9to5ios6tallersim1Well damn. If there wasn’t already enough fuel on the “new iPhone will have a taller screen” fire, 9to5Mac happened to discover something terribly interesting after playing with the iOS 6 simulator.

The full explanation can be found here, but in short they found when setting a simulated device’s screen resolution to 1136 x 640, iOS 6 would neatly arrange apps on the homescreen into five rows — a homescreen layout that the iPhone rumor mill has pointed to for the past few months.

What Would Happen If Your Digital Life Was Destroyed?

hackersIf you’d been following Mat Honan’s harrowing story this weekend, you’ve learned that the Wired writer was completely hacked by a pair of 19-year-olds who targeted him because he had a cool Twitter handle. Honan has updated his tale and posted it on Wired where he goes through the seemingly innocent processes used to eventually wipe out his laptop hard drive, erase his digital identity, and essentially break the trust we all place in the cloud.

Like most hacks, the methodology was mundane. The hackers essentially reset his iCloud password, giving them access to other accounts including Gmail (which they erased), his idevices (which they locked), and his laptop (which they wiped remotely). It was a series of dick moves generated by two kids who had little understanding of what they did and clearly panicked. Then they reached out to Honan to explain their actions. They told him “I honestly didn’t have any heat towards you before this. i just liked your username like I said before.”

The Google-Free iPhone

Screen Shot 2012-08-06 at 7.14.11 PMWhen the iPhone launched in 2007, there were three key components of the device that relied on Google:

1) Maps

2) YouTube

3) Web search

Let’s look at that list today, following the news that YouTube has been given the boot in the latest beta build of iOS 6:

How Much Is Expert Testimony Worth To Apple? $75,000

profile-bresslerIn the case of Samsung vs. Apple, one of the biggest tech trials on U.S. soil, today’s been all about Peter Bressler, one of Apple’s expert witnesses. He’s fought with Samsung lawyers, and affirmed just about everything Apple has accused Samsung of. As an inventor or co-inventor on about 70 design patents, and a former expert witness in seven other trials, he is nothing short of an expert. But how much is that worth?

Samsung’s counsel, Charles Verhoeven, asked Bressler point blank how much Apple has paid him to be an expert witness in this case. “So far?” Bressler asked. “$75,000.”

Why The YouTube App Won’t Be Pre-Loaded On iOS 6, And Why Google Is Probably OK With That

youtube logoFor those who missed the biggest tech story of the day, you can read Chris Velazco’s account of the news here. The short version is that the app, which has long been a fixture of iOS home screens since 2007, will soon go away.

Anyway, while Apple might have decided not to re-license and pre-load the app, but YouTube actually stands to benefit from its removal. The truth is that it was never an ideal situation for the company, since it couldn’t monetize videos viewed on the app, and it had little control over the user experience.

Apple Vs. Samsung: “Overall Design” Is What Confuses Customers, Not The Details

sidebyside3A major factor of the Apple v. Samsung case has been whether consumers are confused when purchasing a Samsung device, believing it to be one of Apple’s iThings.

Peter Bressler, Apple’s expert witness in the Apple v Samsung case, just took the stand and cooly confirmed all of Apple’s claims against Samsung. But during cross-examination, Samsung’s counsel started throwing some punches with regards to prior art. Bressler had originally said in his testimony that the prior art he had analyzed has no bearing because of minor differences, such as a curved front rather than a flat one, as on the iPhone.

To combat this testimony, Samsung counsel introduced four different versions of prior art, including the 2005 Sharp design and LG’s Prada smartphone. With each example, Samsung counsel went through a checklist of questions: Is it rectangular? Does it have rounded corners? Does it have a balanced screen (centered both horizontally and vertically)? Does it have a speaker grill?

Bressler answered “Yes” to most of the questions presented to him, but not without throwing out objections to the way patents and prior art were being analyzed.

Surprise! Apple’s Design Expert Testifies That Most Galaxy Devices Infringe Apple Patents, Trade Dress

court_house=In the ongoing saga of Samsung v. Apple, an expert witness testified in court today essentially confirming everything Apple has asserted against Samsung in relation to design patents (so far — we just broke for lunch).

Apple is alleging infringement on four design-related patents. Two of them relate to the iPhone, one the iPad, and one on the icon grid layout of iOS. Setting the iOS patent aside for a moment, Apple’s lawyer walked Peter Bressler through each of Apple’s iPhone and iPad related design patents.

The patent expert, Peter Bressler, an adjunct associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania (and president of the Industrial Designers Society of America between 1989 to 1990) who has been called as an expert witness in seven different trials, affirmed everything Apple had originally accused Samsung of, claiming that about a dozen devices, including Samsung’s Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and Galaxy Tabs, infringe Apple’s three patents.

YouTube App Removed From iOS 6 Because Apple’s Licensing Agreement Is Over

sadtubeSlowly but surely, it seems as though Apple’s mobile OS is being stripped of search giant Google’s influence. Apple’s redesigned Maps application — due to make its debut in iOS 6 — no longer makes use of Google’s map data, and that trend continues with another recently spotted change.

The latest beta version of iOS 6 (that’s beta number 4, if you’re keeping count) no longer includes the YouTube app, which has been a mainstay of iOS homescreens since the original iPhone. Don’t fret too much though, because Apple reports that Google is working on its own iOS-friendly YouTube app for inclusion in the iOS App Store.

Apple Touts Success Of Its Land Rover iAd Campaign In New Video

Land Rover iAdApple is famous for its slick ads highlighting its latest gadgets (though it does have occasional misfires). Now the company has released its first iAd customer video, essentially selling its mobile advertising program to brands and advertisers.

Since its launch, much of the publicity around iAd has been mixed or negative, with reports that pricing continues to fall and articles wondering “why Apple’s iAd is failing to lure advertisers.” So this video is a good way to remind people, “Hey, we’ve got some satisfied customers too!”

Samsung Strategy Officer: iPhone-Induced “Crisis Of Design” Docs Were Exaggerated To Motivate Employees

sanjosecourtWe’re just commencing Week Two of the Samsung v. Apple trial in San Jose, and Judge Lucy Koh opened the day with a joke, saying that there had been a false hope in her heart this weekend that the two would settle. But these two electronics giants are still ready to battle it out, and have brought Justin Denison, Samsung’s Chief Strategy officer, back to the stand.

After some questions about whether or not STA sells directly to consumers, and whether or not Galaxy phones are different from one model to the next, Samsung’s lawyer Mr. Quinn was about to actually make a point.

He mentioned that throughout the trial, there have been comments such as “Samsung is in a crisis of design” and “the difference between the iPhone and the Galaxy phones are like heaven and earth.”