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The “Leaks” Keep Coming: New Images Reportedly Show New iPhone’s Tiny Dock Connector

newdockconnectorIf rumors hold true, Apple should be gearing up to unveil its latest iGadgets in just a few weeks, and it’s no surprise that all sorts of questionable leaks are now worming their way into daylight.

The latest of those purported leaks comes in the form of images obtained by the French site Nowherelse.fr that reportedly depict Apple’s tiny new dock connector next to a USB plug. Got your grains of salt ready?

Good, let’s go.

As The Trial Rages On, Court Filing Sheds New Light On Apple And Samsung Device Sales

apple-salesThere’s been no shortage of tantalizing details coming out of Apple and Samsung’s big legal spat in San Jose, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Case in point: Samsung’s legal team filed a document (first spotted by AllThingsD) the other day that shed some new light on the two companies’ smartphone and tablet sales over the years. The data was put together by the Invotex Group (who also whipped up this handy PDF chart outlining what Apple thinks it deserves in damages), and it appears they’ve left no stone unturned.

iPhone 5 Battery Images Leak: Only Slighter Larger Than iPhone 4S Battery, Despite Expected LTE

Screen shot 2012-08-10 at 9.38.59 AMIn the blogosphere’s continuing quest to assemble a virtual iPhone 5 before Apple unveils a real one in September, 9to5Mac has published images of what appears to be the next iPhone’s battery. Juicy stuff!

As expected, the battery is a bit larger than the last iPhone, but not by much. It jumps from 1430mAh in the iPhone 4S (up from 1420mAh in the iPhone 4) to a 1440 mAh battery. With the expected inclusion of LTE, plus Apple’s turn-by-turn mapping (which is a huge battery drain, at least in iOS 6 beta), we must simply hope that Apple’s dual-core SoC will use this relatively limited power source efficiently.

This Apple Commercial Was Too Self-Congratulatory To Run

Screen shot 2012-08-10 at 9.42.52 AMIt’s not quite fair that this commercial featuring Apple greats Burrell Smith, Andy Hertzfeld, George Crow, Bill Atkinson, and Mike Murray never aired, but it’s easy to see why. In it you meet some of the creators of the Mac who go on to offer some insight on the design process and end with the tagline “Incredibly Great.” Arguably, this sort of self-promotion is a little gauche, but it’s definitely nice to see these boys in their prime, talking about something they loved.

Principal Mozilla Engineer Mike Hanson Departs, Joins Greylock As EIR

selfGreylock Partners announced tonight that it has added a new member to its team, with Mike Hanson joining the firm this week as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Hanson joins Greylock from Mozilla, where he has been a principal engineer at Mozilla Labs for the last three years, playing a central role in conceiving the company’s distributed identity verification system, also known as BrowserID, and developing APIs and apps for Firefox’s apps platform — among other things.

Prior to Mozilla, Hanson was a principal engineer at Cisco, working on app delivery, particularly device virtualization, clustering, as well as data center strategy. Hanson also co-founded and was the chief architect at Reactivity and spent several years at the Apple Research Lab working on Sherlock, perhaps better known as the precursor to Spotlight. He also counts 16 patents to his name.

Fanboys, Grab Your Credit Cards: Original Factory-Sealed iPhone Goes Up On eBay For $10,000

originaliphoneebay2Apparently $10,000 is the going rate for a mint condition first-gen iPhone. At least, that’s according to two sellers on eBay, who have recently listed the historic device on the bidding site.

I would usually say that most electronics shouldn’t be seen as collectors items, as they only lose value over time and aren’t pivotal enough during their lifespan to warrant a resurgence in value. Yet, the original iPhone is a different story.

This is a device that changed the course of the future. The App Store itself, though not present on the original iPhone, has changed the entire tech industry. Plus, the first iPhone was the very first time we had a usable version of the internet in our pockets. So yeah, the original iPhone is a big deal.

Gartner: HP Keeps Its PC Lead As European Market Drops 2.4%, Apple Cracks Top 5 In UK

Image (1) hp_3d_laptop.jpg for post 178938Tablets and smartphones may be gradually ushering us into a post-PC world, but for now the bigger machines continue to dominate the market. Figures out today from Gartner, focusing on PCs in Europe, note that shipments in the economically-troubled region declined by 2.4% to 13.6 million units in Q2, in a wider global market where growth was flat. Within that, HP kept its lead as the biggest PC maker, while Apple has managed to crack into the top-five PC makers in one market, the UK.

The wider trend seems to be that even in PCs, people are gravitating towards smaller machines. Gartner notes that desk-based units were down by 12.8 percent, but mobile PC shipments (laptops, netbooks) went up by 4%. Similarly, you can see the effects of consumerization at play here: the “professional” PC market is down by 5.3%, while consumer PCs saw a sliver of growth: 0.4%.

A Bunch Of People In A Room Building A Phone: What The iPhone Document Says About Samsung

samsung_phones_before_after_iphoneThere’s an old saw in consumer electronics that goes something like this: if Palm/Google/Samsung/LG/Huawei/RIM wants to compete with Apple, why don’t they hire a bunch of great people, lock them in a room, give them millions of dollars, and make them build a great phone. They can’t come out until they’re done.

Don’t believe this is true? Check out the 132 page document released during the Apple v. Samsung trial that’s making the rounds right now. It proves two things: that the iPhone was top of mind for Samsung designers and engineers and, more important, there was a group of people dedicated to figuring out what it took to make a best-selling phone. Whether they succeeded or not is a matter of debate – the Galaxy line is doing quite well – but the document shows us exactly how Samsung reacted to the iPhone.

Conan O’Brien Breaks Down The Apple/Samsung Trial [VIDEO]

samappleApple and Samsung are currently entrenched in courtroom warfare. Apple alleges that Samsung stole some of iOS’s key functions. Samsung is saying nuh-huh. Here’s a video of a Samsung VP, released by Coco O’Brien’s web monkeys, that shows Samsung, the company’s products and its attitude are completely different from Apple’s.

The Real Genius: Apple Ads Are Being Distributed By The Media

Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 2.39.17 PMDuring the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, Apple aired three ads for its Genius Bar. Over the ensuing weekend, a number of widely-read blogs posted mostly negative pieces about the ads.

Today, Apple’s ad agency told Mashable that the ads are no longer running and they were only intended to run the first weekend of the Games. Again, several posts were written on widely-read sites.

And therein lies the real “Genius” of the ads: we’re still talking about them.